Thursday, September 08, 2005

Lost Time Is Not Found Again

THE PEOPLE, YES! We've had several winners for my last contest; in fact 2 different folks emailed me within 10 minutes of posting my last blog on Sunday, with 2 different correct answers: namely, Picasso and Stravinsky. As it turns out upon further research, TS Eliot is also a correct answer, as is (apparently) Salvador Dali you think all of these great men/grand personages were guilty stealing this line... from each other? As they were all fairly contemporaneous. Who actually was the ur-originator of this priceless bon mot...or did this apercu just suddenly appear in medias res as a meme (pronounced MEEM, look it up) from outer space that popped into the popular consciousness all by its lonesome?

Dunno, but I'm not wasting any more time on this, as the London sunshine is pouring down like honey outside the McDonald's internet station on Finchley Road where I sit and write now and the fabulous Ray Davies is singing (gloriously) "Waterloo Sunset" on the radio station piped in here and I must make haste forthwith for a stroll in the light up Haverstock Hill or I will go mad with the french fry stink that pervades this joint...

so please, please dear readers, please desist in sending me any more solutions to the last quiz (for the time being anyway, there will be more brain teasers to come) as those 2 guys referred to at the top of this had it all sewn up from the getgo (they know who they are--and will be duly rewarded with copies of my Gods and Monsters live DVD when I get back home in October)...

btw, had a wonderful recording session with Paul Humphreys and Claudia Brucken today on their new Onetwo album project...lovely people, we truly made some beautiful music together...



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