Sunday, November 28, 2010

And If My Thought Dreams Could Be Seen...

Readers of this blog probably noticed I haven't posted in quote some time.

 Quite rightly...I just got weary of writing them frankly, and the action has moved for the moment to Facebook (boo hiss boo) if you are interested in following my peregrinations as I post frequently there.

But as I am about to exhaust my alotted amount of new "friends" pretty shortly (approaching 5000 now) not sure where I will pop up next...

but in any case I will continue to reliably update my website with the valued assistance of web mistress Tanya at http:/ with all sorts of goodies...

So--see you in the next world

(and don't be late)




Anonymous Alejandro Robaina said...

Hi, Gary, I wrote an article about your visit to my restaurant. You'll find it here

1/06/2011 8:11 AM  

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