Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Bulbous Also Tapered

A little addendum to my last blog about Fast 'N' Bulbous: Danny Fields informs me that he actually played "Trout Mask Replica" on his own show on WFMU in 1969; he was given his own program there after several appearances guesting on Rudnick and Frawley's frolicsome Kokaine Karma show, driving out each week to East Orange New Jersey in a rental car paid for by Elektra Records, where he worked at the time. Besides being the first to play Captain Beefheart's magnum opus, he was prone to favor the 3 P's of classical music--Palestrina. Perotin, and Pergolesi, as well as spinning handfuls of new releases he would scoop off the shelves there. The Stones were predominantly featured on his show...

I'm off tomorrow to London with Caroline; it's our 20th anniversary on Tuesday and we traditionally spend the holidays there visiting friends and family (my wife is a native Londoner).

I will be playing a one-off solo acoustic set at the 12-Bar Club on Denmark Street in the West End next Thursday night at 10pm, and I've heard great reports about this place...more dispatches from the front, soon...




Blogger Nom De Plume said...

The 12 Bar club is a cool little place (and I do mean little). It used to be The Forge when I lived there back in the Thatcher era, wherein I got to hear the mighy Bert Jansch among others. Not bad in the food department for a pub, also (by the way, you might want to nudge them to update their website to list your gig -- they still show "tba" for next Thursday).

Travel safe, and all the best to you and the mrs. on your "china" anniversary.

12/23/2004 10:15 AM  

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