Tuesday, December 28, 2004

It Was 20 Years Ago Today...

It's hard to believe (I know) but today Caroline and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary here in fabulous London...weather holding sunny crisp and cloudless for the past few days, we've been visiting with her mum and dad and seeing old friends, taking long walks up Primrose Hill and around Belsize Village near our favorite Swiss Cottage Hotel, and generally maxing and relaxing as the postpartum Xmas haze slowly lifts. Today was spent in the stately Courtauld Institute of Art near Somerset House on the Strand inhaling the fantastic exhibition of Wyndham Lewis drawings they have on hand called "The Bone Beneath the Pulp" which I beefheartily recommend (Don became a big Lewis fan after I showed and occasionally read to him the work, and the entire Magic Band circa 1980 schlepped to the Manchester City Art Gallery the morning after our show there to see that gallery's Lewis retrospective).

We have another winner: Antoine Deville from France correctly wrote in with the info I requested about the Beatles Xmas Records, providing me with the actual lyrics (see the last blog)-- I was close but he wins the cigar in the form of a copy of the forthcoming Fast 'n Bulbous album . For those interested, check out www.scifihifi.com/beatles/ where the actual recordings are available as mp3's, and dig them in all their glory...

and also please note webmistress Tanya's splendid efforts as she has so graciously put up photos from the recent spate of Fast 'n Bulbous shows 3 blogs back or so in the entry entitled Tight, Also...

more later soon



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