Thursday, November 24, 2005

Traveling Riverside Blues

The whole Fam-damly (left to right back row: my sister Bonnie, brother in law Ezra, Uncle Billy, sister Laurie, cousin Bob, Bob's kids, Bob's wife, yours truly; left to right bottom row: my Dad, Aunt Ruth, my Mom and Verdi, Caroline), Riverside California Thanksgiving Reunion 11/24/05

left to right: Aunt Ruth, GL, Caroline, Bonnie

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This is gonna be a quickie as I am out here in Riverside California visiting my folks for Thanksgiving, just polished off a phenomenal meal courtesy of world's greatest chefs my mom and dad. And I'm off in 2 hours for LAX to fly to Melbourne Australia, where I will arrive due to crossing of the international date line on Saturday morning, to be picked up and driven directly 3 hours outside Melbourne to a giant festival site where I will join my compatriots in Future Sound of London's live thingy Amorphous Androgynous at this outdoor rave wingding the Earthcore Global Carnival. Will soundcheck and then we hit at 8pm and play till sunset; hope I get time to at least shower and change my duds when I get there as hitting the ground running to perform after 12 hours journey on a plane can be kind of, uh, strenuous...but I've done it before, although not after such a long flight. The adrenalin kicks in and jet-lag be damned (hell, isn't Australia where they filmed "The Road Warrior"?)

Did a great broadcast back in NYC last week, from midnight to 3:30am, with the legendary Bob Fass on his Radio Unnameable show on WBAI, NYC's longest-running freeform radio station; it's up and archived at the WBAI website under Thursday Nov. 17th (click here to listen). Bob is a hero of mine and has been broadcasting this show since 1963, and he's still going strong...there is a bootleg circulating of an incredible show he did with Bob Dylan in '66 during a brief hiatus Dylan took from working on "Blonde on Blonde", when he and Neuwirth came back to NYC from Nashville. Dylan fields listeners' calls for a couple hours or so in his best manic speed shpritz; it is quite a piece of theater, and if you dug Bob in "Don't Look Back" demolishing interviewers right and left then this here radio session is yr meat. Bob Fass is a natural treasure and is right up there with Jean Shepard, Studs Terkel and Symphony Sid in the annals of American broadcasting. First DJ to spin "Blood on the Tracks", too.

Had lunch with my friend ex-Reprise Records supremo and full time political activist Howie Klein and famed rock photographer Richard E. Aaron in LA at a lovely sushi joint in Studio City a couple days ago called Katsu-Ya (fantastic!), then dinner at The Ivy in LA the other night with Caroline and my old college friend Harry Hamelin. Harry was named the "sexiest man alive" according to People Magazine in 1986 during his "LA Law" days, and now his son Dimitri is picking up the mantle apparently as well as following in his Dad's acting shoes. Harry is thriving as always, entertaining lots of acting offers, running a string of boutiques with his wife Lisa Rinna, and working on developing alternate energy sources as a concerned citizen.

That's it, gotta go shmooze with the family, next dispatch will be from Down Under...




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