Tuesday, January 24, 2006

51st Anniversary (Every 1's a Winner!)

This my 51st Blog? Well then I have the pleasure of ushering in the next 50, at least (I'm just getting started!) by announcing that Webster Hodges--Webster Hodges! (an Ellingtonian if ever there was one, apparently) of Stamford Conn. wins a copy of my new Film and TV Soundtracks DVD in grateful acknowledgement of his timely punchline in the service of the Lucy Chase Williams anecdote as related in my last posting:

To recap, riflewoman Lucy sez to the otherwise exclusively testosterone-fueled Yale Rifle Team, "For you guys, this is masturbation...but what does that make it for me?"

"Manliccher bolt-action!"

A hearty wiggle of the wozzle to Webster for waxing witty..a DVD is winging its way to you as we speak!

"This is the 51st State...of the You Essay"
-- from The The's "Infected" album...thanks to Matt Johnson--the Other MJ--and Stevo for sharing with us...




Anonymous Nom De Plume said...

Spam Blue Around The Rind...

1/25/2006 9:12 AM  

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