Monday, January 24, 2005

Yellow Matter Custard

The Big Thaw: Caroline Sinclair and Gary Lucas, Sunday in New York, 1/23/05

photo by Gib Smith | Click on the photo to enlarge (hosted by flickr)

Manhattan is snowed under in the first blizzard of this year, the newspapers scream of snow-plows, stranded flyers, freezing families, the usual urban disruptions but as a weather-savvy son of Syracuse (the Salt City) born way up yonder in the snow-belt 'tis much ague about nothing; in fact, I love it when it snows here and was sorely disappointed when the white flake riverboats didn't arrive on cue a couple months ago in Switzerland as promised, nay advertised, by my friend the avant-guitarslinger Gerald Zbinden...speaking of which, Gerald just sent me rough mixes of our Lausanne guitar duels and they sound pure and absolutely hypnogogic, dripping silvery notes as icy and deliquescent as a mountain I am plowing through 4 days of tapes worth trying to select the best moments, of which there are a surfeit.

Meanwhile I'm working again slaving over a hot console at Loho Studios on the fabulous Lower East Side in the company of eternal rhythm kings Ernie Brooks and Billy Ficca plus fiery young men with horns Joey Hendel and Jason Candler (angels both of them)--with guest pop-ins (a Larry David-ism) courtesy of Ellis " The Godson of Soul" Hooks, who stopped off to sing a storming twisted blues with us and rang a few changes or three on the venerable form-- and sensitive rock-god -in-the-making Michael Schoen, who graced the stage with Gods and Monsters recently performing a heart-stopping version of "Mojo Pin" (one of my most famous collaborations with the late Jeff Buckley); now he's done it for the world and posterity on tape and damn if my wife didn't sit up and take notice (my harshest critic!...which is to say, Caroline loved Michael's new interpretation...)

BTW, there is a worldclass Chinese bakery down the block from Loho on Clinton Street that is quite worthy of your attention all ye who pass through these blog portals (if you ever plan to motor east), dunno the name but MAN do they make a hell of a savory barbecue pork bun...also luscious pineapple rolls, coconut and mango smoothies laden with translucent tapioca pearls, and best of all, little yellow-matter custard pies...




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